Moving from Ontario to Alberta

I would like to submit this letter of Thanks and Recommendation for Simon and his team of Movers.

My husband and I have lived in the same Fergus, Ontario home with our 6 daughters for 18 years. In August my husband Robin, accepted a job and left to work in Edmonton. A move to Alberta seemed overwhelming to me, especially with him gone.

I had arranged to do a lot of the packing, but some things did not get completed. This did not faze the Westmount Team. They did what I had missed.

The Moving Van had pulled up at the scheduled time and after introductions, Simon toured the home to make a game plan with his men. Furniture was stickered and non slip matting laid to help the men and protect the flooring.

I had never seen a move before and I was impressed. In particular, it is rare to have no disagreement when a group works together - however Simons' men worked quickly without a lot of instruction needed and I must say without any sense of conflict between them. They were very polite and friendly, taking time to visit briefly when able, but working hard. The move took almost a 12 hour day, longer than anticipated, and they did not stop except to grab a quick drink or slice of pizza.

A tall armoire in our downstairs room was a very tight fit to remove. The men persisted and it finally budged. I am so happy, as I really wanted it out west. They could have given up sooner and said it was not possible, but they took the time in an already tiring day to persevere.

Among the extras they had to do were:

Clear ice so the garage door would open, load a canoe, a utility trailer and antique farm machinery onto the van. They moved heavy items and as it was getting darker and they were more tired, I noticed them taking a bit more time to be safety conscious.

An old axe handle had broken and Simon told me he'd replace it. He didn't have to tell me... and it does not need to be replaced. I was impressed with his integrity though, as I would likely not have noticed.

Thanks guys - you are a great team. I'd recommend you to anyone.

Wendy Gowing

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