Quality Assurance

At Westmount Moving & Warehousing, we strive to provide a first class moving experience for our customers on each and every move. Simply put, we’re here to make your move as simple and efficient as possible.  From the time you make your first call to Westmount Moving to the moment your last possessions are unloaded from one of our trucks to your new home or office, you will be impressed with our staff of friendly, efficient professionals.

B.E.S.T. Move Quality Program

To ensure consistent, superior service, we have developed our B.E.S.T. Move Quality Program, which has been designed to track and measure our performance in every aspect of a move. We are industry leaders in Process and Quality Tracking, because quality is very important to us and we know it doesn't happen by accident.  

Westmount Moving has been in the business of relocating people for over 70 years, We appreciate your business and the confidence you place in us and will continue to strive to earn your future business be exceeding your expectations on every move. To do so, our B.E.S.T. Move Director of Quality and Operations, Alain Grenier, is dedicated to the continued growth and success through Westmount Moving’s B.E.S.T. Move Quality Program.

Director of Quality and Operations


Alain Grenier

Alain Grenier is a highly driven and motivated individual who takes great pride in volunteering his time and talent at numerous local and federal organizations. As a serving member of the Canadian Forces for over 9 years, Alain was responsible for the training and development of soldiers, in addition to policy design, implementation and monitoring of quality standards. When not in uniform, Alain is an entrepreneur at heart and well rounded business professional. With several years working in the financial service sector with the Royal Bank and Desjardins, Alain earned a solid reputation as being customer service oriented and proficient in quantitative analysis. His abilities, coupled with his unique life experiences, has propelled his business career as Executive Director of an Ontario based renewable energy company, and Director of Finance at Habitat for Humanity Montreal. Having returned to school as a mature student to earn his finance degree with honors at the John Molson School of Business, Alain strongly believes that the development of professional competence is the foundation by which companies can better innovate and serve their clients. He aspires to achieve a master degree as he works at Westmount Moving and Warehousing, and is enthusiastic in upholding the B.E.S.T. quality standards, and to further explore and develop the company's quality and operational opportunities.

Quality Assurance Components

Training / Hiring

Westmount Moving's B.E.S.T. Move Training Program begins with rigorous hiring and on-boarding requirements, including screening and mandatory initial training. Each trainee receives a minimal amount of classroom and hands-on training before they are sent to a customer's home or business. They receive additional on-site training and further training on all of Westmount Moving's procedures and policies. Westmount Moving provides training for every aspect of the move from padding your furniture and protecting your property to providing professional customer service.

Policies and Procedures Updates and Information

From the moment you speak with one of our sales personnel, a set of closely followed procedures ensures the proper and prompt processing of your request. The physical aspect of your move is completed by dedicated professionals, with a continued adherence to the standards and procedures set by the B.E.S.T. Move Quality Program.  The B.E.S.T. Move Quality program has developed in-depth procedures and policies that are communicated to each and every staff member. Staff are required to adhere to set procedures, ensuring consistent and professional services on each and every move.

Reward and Recognition Program

To test the effectiveness of the B.E.S.T. Move Program, we utilize job-site performance measurements as well as extensive customer service feedback surveys. Feedback is utilized for continuous improvement, training opportunities and for the B.E.S.T. Move Rewards and Recognition Program. Exemplary service is recognized and rewarded on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. All staff members are held to a high degree of accountability.

Program Performance and Key Performance Indicators

Westmount Moving tracks and reports Key Performance Indicators and so monitors B.E.S.T. Move Program non-conformances, on-time performance, the level of customer satisfaction and the results of customer service surveys. The Management Team analyzes the data and management reviews are all used to facilitate continual improvement and Quality Assurance.