Moving Your Hot Tub

If you are moving a hot tub with your household goods, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Before the move

  • To ensure a proper moving estimate and that adequate arrangements are made, be sure to point out your hot tub during the visual survey of your home by your moving consultant. Note that due to the size of a hot tub, a "bulky article charge" may apply in your moving estimate. A crane may also be required to remove the hot tub from its location.
  • Your hot tub must be drained before moving day. To get it completely drained you will need to use a wet-dry vacuum (i.e. ShopVac). If you are moving to a climate where temperatures may fall below freezing, the entire pumping system should be drained by a high-pressure vacuum. Contact your hot tub dealer for more instructions.
  • The equipment pack (heater, filter(s), blower, pump, electrical and plumbing units) should be serviced prior to the move. Some dealers also recommend removing the equipment pack prior to the move and packing it separately. Consult your owners manual for instructions for your model.

At Delivery

  • Ensure there is clear access to where your hot tub needs to go.
  • Depending on where the hot tub needs to be dropped, a crane may be required.
  • Carefully check your hot tub for damage or missing parts. If there is any damage, make a note on the inventory.
  • A local dealer can be called for the reassembly of your hot tub and a local electrician can wire it correctly.

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