Moving With Pets

Your pet is an important member of your family. We have a few recommendations for a smooth and secure move for you pet.

Before your move, schedule an examination by a veterinarian and obtain copies of your pet's vaccination and health records. Make sure vaccinations are current and ask for a recommendation for a vet in your new neighborhood. Also, be sure to research regulations (such as health regulations or quarantines or required documentation) for your new home - particularly if you are moving across international borders.

Transporting your pet:

Household movers are not permitted to transport your pets in the moving van. If you travel by car, acquaint your pet with car travel by taking short drives around the neighborhood. Make sure your pet is wearing proper identification. Pack a container of fresh water and stop frequently (at least every 2 hours) for drinks and walks. For overnight stays, call ahead to find pet-friendly lodging. Never leave your pet unattended in the car, even in moderately warm weather, the inside temperature of a car can reach 50 degrees Celsius in just a few minutes. In winter, the temperature can drop below freezing quickly.

For air travel, contact the airline well in advance to make reservations and to check regulations. Direct flights are preferable to reduce your pet's confinement time. Most airlines sell or rent special portable air-transport carriers - they should be large enough for your pet to stand and move around in. For long trips or if your pet is nervous, talk to your vet about tranquilizers.

Smaller animals such as hamsters, birds, guinea pigs and mice are best transported in their cages in your car. Covering the cage may help to keep the animals calm.For short trips, fish can be transported in plastic bags. However, there is no practical way to transport fish in their aquarium. It is best to give the fish away to a good home, and move the aquarium dry.

There are a number of companies in Canada and the United States that specialize in travel arrangements for pets. Your moving consultant at Westmount Moving can discuss the options with you.

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