Moving A Wine Collection

Appraisal and Valuation

A wine collection can represent a significant investment. We recommend obtaining an appraisal of your high-value collection. You can locate an appraiser through a local wine merchant. Taking photographs of your collection is also a good idea to document the contents. Ensure that you have taken the appropriate replacement protection to provide appropriate coverage against loss or damage during transport. Your van operator will prepare an inventory of the shipment before loading. At destination, your household goods and wine collection should be checked against the form, with any loss or damage reported at that time.


Professional movers are qualified to correctly pack wine bottles. If you choose to pack your wine yourself, consider obtaining wine-packing bottles used to transport wine by the case on commercial airlines, which are made of Styrofoam or corrugated cardboard.

Legal Considerations

You may be restricted in the amount of alcohol that can be imported for personal use. Check with the alcohol beverage control authorities in your destination location before you move to understand the regulations and determine what extra costs may apply.

Please Note: The transport of Wine is at the discretion of the mover. Many factors play into the risk levels of transporting wine and Westmount Moving reserves the right to refuse transporting alcohol in certain situations.


If you are moving your wine collection in the summer or winter months, consider moving your wine collection in a temperature-controlled vehicle as extreme temperature changes may affect the taste and appearance of your wine. Arrangements can be made with your moving consultant who can calculate the additional costs that would apply.

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