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March 1, 2013

Beware of unreliable moving companies, warns BBB

By: Heather @ 11:06 am

Westmount Moving would like to share this article with its clients, which was written by CBC News in Edmonton. As a consumer it is important to do your research before selecting a moving company, and the BBB is one source to start your search.

I would like to advise our Quebec clients that the BBB no longer exists in the province of Quebec due to the ruling of the Office de la langue Francaise.

Beware of unreliable moving companies, warns BBB
By Mark Harvey CBC News

The Better Business Bureau is warning people about disreputable moving companies that give quotes over the phone, then demand more money, or take weeks longer than promised to complete the move.

“I just couldn’t believe how long it was taking,” said Bradley Claydon, 24. Claydon decided to move his young family from Ontario to Alberta to get more permanent work.

He used, a website where customers enter details of their move, and different moving companies reply with estimates.

Claydon said his parents’ move to Alberta a year earlier had gone badly and he didn’t want to repeat their experience.

“Pricing was a big thing for me (but) I was trying not to go with the cheapest one because I’d be losing quality.”

Claydon chose CK Moving, a company based in Delta, B.C., but pursuing customers moving from Ontario to Alberta.

CK Moving gave Claydon a price based on what he entered online. But he said the price changed once the movers picked up his belongings.

Protect yourself

  1. Contact BBB and Canadian Association of Movers to assess companies
  2. Get at least three estimates in writing by someone who has inspected the items
  3. Phone estimates should include thorough discussion about what’s in each room and if the cost covers unpacking, storage and claims settlement
  4. Ensure movers are aware of special items or other impediments that could affect estimate
  5. Move valuables such as jewellery or artwork yourself
  6. Before signing contract, check to see if company is bonded and insured.
  7. Ensure you have moving insurance with replacement value protection not depreciated value.
  8. Find out if mover is certified by WCB to avoid paying for injured employees.
  9. Take photos of your possessions

“They got my stuff, they brought it to the scale, they said it was overweight by almost 2,000 pounds I think it was.” That increased the bill by $300, money he hadn’t budgeted, Claydon said.

Price hike only the beginning

But that was just the beginning of Claydon’s problems. The family arrived in Edmonton, but the moving truck didn’t.

After the delivery was a week late Claydon began calling and emailing the moving company.

In an exchange of emails with CK Moving that spanned several more weeks, he got a variety of explanations: the company was waiting for a truck; the truck had broken down; it was making deliveries in Manitoba, then Saskatchewan.

“It was getting colder out, all our winter gear was on the moving truck…I don’t have a ton of money so I can’t go out and do all this shopping to make up for what I don’t have.”

In the end Claydon’s delivery took more than two months.

In the meantime, the family had replaced many of its belongings and was left with duplicates. “Two microwaves, two toaster ovens, and just a lot of stuff I didn’t need and had to throw out,” Claydon said.

Complaints about moving companies common

“I think certainly one of the first things people should do is check out whether the company they’re dealing with is in fact a Better Business Bureau member,” said Paul Wielens, CEO of Highland Moving, and former chair of the BBB in Edmonton.

“Within the industry there are rogue movers. It’s been documented time and time again. It puts us all in the same pot and that’s unfortunate.”

The BBB in Canada receives over 7,000 complaints about movers every year. It gives CK Moving a rating of “F” for failing to respond to or address complaints.

CBC News tried repeatedly to contact CK Moving management by phone and email.

Eventually we were told by a receptionist that Boris Collins, the manager with whom Bradley Claydon had dealt, had left the company, and that it was unlikely another manager or owner would be willing to speak.

“I don’t know, we’ve had other stories and it’s just something we’re not interested in doing,” said April Mott.

Bradley Claydon did get a 15 per cent reduction in his final bill, but said it isn’t good enough. “I don’t feel they should profit from my move at all. When stuff happens, usually a company has a back-up plan, right? Two months to solve it?”

Claydon now realizes he may not hear from anyone at CK Moving either. However, he hopes other people won’t make the same mistake he did. “Make sure they’re a well-known name. I went with a company no-one knew it bit me in the end.”

The Alberta Government recommends consumers get three written estimates from companies that belong to the BBB and to the Canadian Association of Movers, and to make sure they’re insured for full replacement value in the event something gets lost or damaged during the move.

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February 4, 2013

Semi-annual operations/quality meetings scheduled this month

By: Heather @ 1:54 pm

Westmount Moving will be hosting several operations/quality breakfast meetings this month in Montreal, Ottawa and Kitchener. We are excited to have the opportunities to meet with our operations and sales staff during these meetings as it allows our company to discuss great quality initiatives, and to reward our quality employees.

These opportunities prove to be highly valuable and a key contributor to the success of our company. Part of serving our clients very well is our company and employees coming together as a team. These meetings help foster an outstanding team spirit and bring everyone together by sharing a common vision. As we continue to offer great training opportunities to our employees throughout the coming months, we are looking forward sitting down with them and discussing best practices.


Alain Grenier

Director of Quality and Operations

January 6, 2013

75 Year Anniversary!

By: Heather @ 1:53 pm

Westmount Moving is proud to announce that this year marks its 75th year in business! Since the beginning, the company has seen several transformations that have helped it become the great company that it is today. We are honored that our companies’ heritage is built on unprecedented quality of service and that still today we remain as one of the top relocation company in Canada.

As we experience new opportunities in 2013, we are all excited to serve our clients well in the new year, and to celebrate with you our 75 years of success!


Alain Grenier
Director of Quality and Operations

December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays!

By: Heather @ 1:52 pm

The Westmount Team would like to wish our customers and fellow employees a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As you celebrate the holiday festivities with your loved ones, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season filled with joy and laughter.

To our employees, thank you for your loyal service to our clients and to our company.

To our customers, Thank you for allowing us the privilege of serving you in 2012, and we look forward to serving you in 2013!


Alain Grenier
Director of Quality and Operations

December 14, 2012

2012 Quality Award Winners!

By: Heather @ 1:50 pm

Everyone here at Westmount Moving would like to congratulate the 2012 Annual Quality Award winners! These employees have demonstrated what it is to be a professional within their areas of expertise.

The professional movers and administrative staff recognized this year have served our clients extremely well and helped our company achieve high levels of success. They have displayed an amazing work ethic, have received outstanding clients reviews and have consistently gone above and beyond to deliver more than what was expected. Through their actions, these individuals have demonstrated a superior motivation to serve our clients, and the propensity to solve issues quickly and efficiently without jeopardizing the positive client experience. They are the backbone that makes this company stand strong and our clients well taken care of.

Congratulations to the following:


  • Collin Williams – Accounting and Administration
  • Andrew Cortez – Professional Mover


  • Rob Maheral – Sales and Administration
  • Guy Perron – Professional Mover


  • Brian Gray – Sales and Administration
  • Jack Hackert – Professional Mover

Again, Congratulations to all of you for winning these awards for setting the bar higher every year!


Alain Grenier
Director of Quality and Operations

November 10, 2012

Training, Training, Training!

By: Heather @ 1:49 pm

As the summer rush begins to slow down, our service quality must remain at full speed, and that is achieved through continuous training opportunities! Westmount Moving understands the value of training and development of its professional movers and administrators. Starting this month, we will be focusing on developing new ways to better serve our clients, thereby learning from the best practices observed during the course of the summer. We are excited to host these training sessions as they allow the companies management to better understand its areas of opportunities and encourage their staff members to become better in the performance of their duties. Training will take place on a monthly basis for all crew chiefs, assistant crew chiefs, crewmembers, sales, and administrative staff.

We are please to announce that this month’s crew chief training session went extremely well for all three of our locations. Discussions held were very productive and have helped the company improve its service level capabilities through the adoption of new and refined processes and policies.

Westmount Moving employees are proud to be partners in your relocation process. We pride ourselves in knowing that our solid reputation is built on professionalism, integrity and a client service motivation that is truly unprecedented. Our training program is one that exemplifies these values and we are looking forward to continue our efforts to train our employees to these high standards in the coming months.


Alain Grenier

Director of Quality and Operations

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October 15, 2012

A thank you to our quality drivers

By: Heather @ 1:47 pm

What makes Westmount Moving the top quality relocation company in Canada? Its people.

Our people know that quality is a priority, and always the most important element of offering superior service to our clients. We are proud to be partners in success with you and we are excited to see the level of service you give our customers. As the owner of the company best put it, “you have one of the most difficult jobs in the business. Being away from the comforts of home and dealing with our clients at an often-difficult time is no easy task. You all handle the challenge with grace. Continue to strive for excellence and represent us in a way that makes the entire organization proud to wear that Westmount Logo.”

We would like to take this time to highlight a few of our top performing quality long distance drivers who hold greater than 90% customer satisfaction ratings and consistently go above and beyond for the clients we serve!

  1. Baris Baydar
  2. Michael O’Neil
  3. Ray Weibe
  4. Rob Pukalo


Alain Grenier

Director of Quality and Operations

October 4, 2012

Congratulations to our Tour de Force riders and Volunteers!

By: Heather @ 1:45 pm

Last month saw the successful start and completion of the nearly 400Km bike ride from Toronto to Montreal. The Tour de Force is an initiative that was started as a means of raising money for Canada Company who provides scholarship funds and children’s camps to the children of fallen soldiers.

This year, the Tour de Force had 50 bikers including roughly 15 Canadian Forces members who also took on the challenge. We are pleased to hear that participants were able to complete the ride, and all safely returned home from their expedition. Westmount Moving has been a great contributor to this initiative every year since it’s inception. This year, the Westmount team supplied 5 bikers and raised well over $42,000 for the cause. This is a great achievement and we are looking forward to beating our record next year!

The Westmount team rarely passes up an opportunity to give back to the community and to help those in need. The company and its employee’s volunteers are proud sponsors of both the Share the Warmth Foundation and the Children’s Wish Foundation, and are always looking for new ways to help other great organizations.

On behalf of the entire company, congratulations to all participants on a job well done!

Alain Grenier

Director of Quality and Operations

August 14, 2012

Message from the President

By: Heather @ 2:02 pm

Message from the President

Hello Team Westmount,

Once again I would like to bring you up to speed on how things are going in the world of the Westmount Moving group of companies. July was a big month for our company. Our Prime fleet has been busier than ever and that our local operations will record the largest revenues in company history. Although fatigue may have set in, we have made it through and have maintained our quality of work despite the long hours and hard work.

There are 48 agents from coast to coast and we continue to sit in the top spot both in domestic and cross border sales.

How did we get there and more importantly how do we stay there?!!

  1. Our commitment to building and maintaining one of the strongest sales teams in all of Canada amongst all Van lines.
  2. Our commitment to quality. Being constantly aware of where we stand and how we can improve.
  3. Our commitment to building and maintaining one of the strongest fleets in Canada amongst all Van Lines.
  4. Our commitment to our brands. Our reputation is one of our most valuable assets. Protecting it by doing the right thing on a consistent basis is key to maintaining one of the most recognized moving brands in the country.

These are just some of the reasons. Commitment is the common thread here and is why we are where we are. What we cannot do is become complacent. No matter how great we think we are, we can always be greater. Carry your own commitment forward one move at a time. Whether you are at the beginning of the process answering the call coming in on the phone to the crew that performed the unpacking or the team member in accounting with the final invoice to the client, you really do make a difference!

Once again thank you for all of your efforts and I will touch base again with you next month.

Take care.

Joseph D. Gagnon

April 5, 2012

3 Westmount Drivers Receive 2011 Van Foreman of the Year award

By: Heather @ 3:33 pm

This is great news! I am extremely pleased to be the one to announce to everyone that three of our Vanguard Fleet Drivers have been recipients of the 2011 Van Foreman of the Year award! They are:

  1. Michael O’Neil
  2. Rob Pukalo
  3. Simon Belanger

I would like to extend a sincere congratulations to these three drivers and I would urge all of you to do the same when you see them.

Once again, I must impress upon everyone in the company that a win for one is a win for all! Everyone in the company shares a piece of this award and I thank you all for the continued hard work and dedication to making this company go from good to great!

Alain Grenier
Director of Quality and Operations
Directeur de Qualité et Opération

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