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September 23, 2013

Downsizing for Seniors

By: Heather @ 3:32 pm

Downsizing for seniors

Guest blogger, Kathleen Murphy of Organizing Options

Are you a senior? Is the prospect of downsizing and moving from a home you’ve lived in for 30 plus years a daunting prospect that’s holding you back from your next transition? It doesn’t have to, trust me…

I know what a comfort it can be to be live with your well-loved possessions that surround you in your home. A collection of knick knacks, a well-used set of mixing bowls, the display cabinets… you name it! In each room, a quick glance will highlight our favorite things… and trigger the stories behind them… not to mention the relationships.

Often it is this emotional tug of our “stuff” that can holds seniors back on moving to the next step, the new location.

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