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August 22, 2013

Married Doctors still representing Montreal in Amazing Race Canada!

By: Heather @ 9:16 pm

One would think that to be a part of any race, one would need physical strength, endurance and stamina. However, Doctor Holly Agostino and Doctor Brett Burstein, representing Montreal in the Amazing Race Canada, show there is more to this race and travel contest than just physical strength; you need to have the smarts as well.

This married duo beat famous fitness icons (also husband and wife) Joanne McLeod and Hal Johnson who became well known for their fitness ads; BodyBreak during last weeks episode. Agostino and Burstein have beat all odds and surpassed expectations as they are detail orientated, amazing strategists and have shown that they are a strong contenders in the competition.

While having physical strength, endurance and stamina is also important, what these doctors have demonstrated is that if you understand the game and how to double-cross and out smart your competitors, being able to bench press your own weight really isn’t that important.

The Amazing Race Canada is aired on CTV and although this is the first time we have had a Canadian version, the reality show is already the most popular Canadian television show! It broke Canadian records on July 15th with 3.5 million viewers and is still going strong. The show is being hosted by Jon Montgomery, Canadian Olympic champion, famous for winning Gold in Skeleton in the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, B.C. The Amazing Race Canada does follow the same format as the original series, except uses Canada and its provinces as a sort of board game where tasks are given out.

This week’s episode takes place in Quebec City. Will being in their home province give them yet another edge? Tune in!

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