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September 19, 2012

Tour de Force – Day 3

By: Heather @ 6:25 pm

Tour de Force - Day 3Today’s ride started on the outskirts of Belleville. All our clothes were barely dry from yesterday’s gruesome ride and replaced with the 8 degree weather. The sun was a welcome sight indeed.

The ride took us through Prince Edward county through towns of Welland, Pickton, and Bloomfield were we took the Glonora ferri. The morning was a beautiful ride through farms, vineyards, and apple orchards.We had lunch after crossing at the 55km mark. The half way point of the day.

After lunch we hit the road with full bellies and smiles. Matt walker almost caused a full blown accident by having his bike tire explode, causing panic and confusion in the peloton. Laura, among that group, was right behind Matt, swung left into traffic risking her life while avoiding Matt. As a result Matt Walker was not able to finish the ride, neding a tire. So he got a ride in the mechanic van. He will have to add 20 km tomorrow to catch up.

The day ended with the ride to downtown Kingston, right to the hotel and its hot-tub. Kingston marks the half way point of our ride. Ottawa is now in our sights. Here’s to sun in the sky and wind at our backs.

J.P. Richard

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