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January 13, 2011

Westmount Proudly Supports JP Richard A K A Overweight Athlete

By: Heather @ 9:06 am

J.P. Richard, the Director of our Commercial Division, is competing in New Zealand’s “Challenge Wanaka Triathlon” as part of a team.

J.P. will be completing the swimming portion of the triathlon, competing alongside his sister who lives in New Zealand. J.P. is an experienced swimmer, having gone to the University of Alabama on a swimming scholarship and having competed at a high level for many years.

However… that was a few years ago and J.P. has added a few pounds since then. See below for J.P.’s account of how things are going so far leading up to the race. Pictures to follow!

Subject: how to make a fool of yourself in NZ

Hey blokes and shelas

Hope you’re enjoying yourselves in the northern hemisphere, as it’s Awesome down under.

It’s already Tuesday here and it didn’t take long to realize what I put myself into.

I’m here to compete as part of a team in an IRON MAN type competition called “Challenge Wanaka”

The town has roughly 7000 people living here but the race this Saturday has over 1200 athletes and 600 volunteers. The entire town basically shuts down for this event as this tight knit community come out to showcase the “most scenic race in the world.”

It’s settling in that I am an athlete. What a joke. my teammates (my sister and her co-worker) are in incredible shape. All the people participating are very inspiring as they also live their lives around their training, and peak this Saturday at race time. I call them athletic nerds.

Enter JP Richard. I am the poster boy of what not to look like here in this town this week. All the people I’m meeting here are asking why I came to town. Am I here to cheer on my sister?, they ask. It’s interesting to watch the reactions of people when I tell them I’m here to compete this Saturday at the challenge Wanaka. They look me over again and tell me I should meet Ian the town’s ambulance guy.

Even though I’m reassuring my teammates that swimming is different than running or biking and that I’ll be fine, they don’t believe me. Mostly because I’m the only one drinking central Otago’s fine Pinot Gris. The wine store is my only fan in fact. But that’s also because I’m probably the only one drinking alcohol this week.

I’ll try to get some pictures of me next to some of these people. It’s nuts.

Today leading up to race day is quite busy, with a packed schedule with interviews and TV spots (just kidding). I’m actually babysitting my sister’s 4 kids. Don’t know what to do there.

I have to get going now to swim the course because people don’t believe I can, so I have to go and prove this town is wrong about me. The lifeguards are booked to follow me around the 1.9KM swim course. Because they don’t believe me either.

Even the volunteers of the event are in better shape than me!!!!!

I’m an overweight athlete staying positive, and determined to prove this town is wrong about me.

FYI, my photographer is still in transition having a hard time finding a flight out, but I’ll try to get a few pics done anyway and show you all what I mean.

Take care you all and I’ll be in touch in a couple of days to let you know how it’s going. I have an unstoppable burning desire to win this town over… but after I sample some more sauvignon Blancs from Marlborough, New Zealand.

Best regards,

Overweight athlete.

Read the update to hear how it all turned out.

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